Acyclovir Impurity Standards and its Importance

Acyclovir is a drug used for treating viral diseases or infections. The major viral diseases which can be cured by Acyclovir are Herpes Simplex Virus infections, Chicken Pox, Shingles, and Cold Sores. The medicine is available in oral form as well as can be taken by injection. There are few side effects for this drug, which include nausea, vomiting, headache, mouth pain and diarrhoea. It is found to be safe during pregnancy, however people who have kidney diseases are requested to take great care and consult with doctor. If people found any bleeding, red spots in skin and face, symptoms of kidney problem they must immediately consult with doctor. Patients administered with this drug are advised to drink a lot of water to ensure the proper functioning of kidney.

You can understand the importance of this drug from the above description. Also see the side effects that might occur in few patients. It shows that the medicine intake should be with proper care and after proper consultation with doctor. It is important that patients are taking good quality medicines. Considering there are many pharmaceutical companies manufacturing this drug, how do we ensure that it is of good quality? We can ensure it by looking at the government certification on drug packet. The medicines would have certification of Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) in India to ensure the quality.

But did you look at how the pharmaceutical companies are ensuring the quality after preparing the drug. We can look at that and look at a list of Acyclovir Impurity Standards

How to Ensure Quality?

Quality can be ensured by a two-step process after preparing the medicine. First is by removing unwanted particles from the drug prepared. Then proceed to testing to see whether it brings the desired result. The first process needs much explanation and the second one is testing and it has to be done in the procedural way. Since the removal of unwanted particles required further clarification, let us look what is it? As we all know that the drugs are prepared from chemical compounds and it needs a lot a chemical reaction to make the final product. Many of the raw chemical won’t be in pure condition. Also during chemical processes other impurities might get added to drug and may change the chemical combination slightly. If it is not removed, it would affect the effectiveness of the medicine. That removal is executed by using Impurity Standards. These are set of procedures which uses chemicals and chemical reactions to remove the impurities in it.

Acyclovir Impurity Standards

In case of Acyclovir Impurity Standards, there are many sub-categories of impurity standards are available from the manufacturers. Some of them are Acyclovir Di- Acetyl Gaunin Impurity, Acyclovir Hydroxy Methyl Impurity, Acyclovir Impurity A, Acyclovir Impurity B, Acyclovir Impurity C, Acyclovir Impurity D, Acyclovir Impurity F, Acyclovir Impurity K, Acyclovir Impurity P etc.

Though you can find many types of Acyclovir Impurity Standards, a pharmaceutical company would choose the appropriate one considering the raw materials or chemical compounds they used. Usually they check with the manual of the Impurity standards which are available in manufacturer’s website to ensure they are taking the right pick.



Impurity Manufacturers in Pharmaceutical Industry

It has been noted from very first that many of the chemical reactions or processes, bring a lot of impurities into the new products or compounds. There are many reasons for this as it is either the reactants are not pure or in the chemical reactions it absorbs some impurities into the compound. In chemical reactions especially, in metal preparation, it can be avoided by some steps like electrolysis, distillation etc. But that is not possible on each and every case, especially when we want the final product as a compound with specific ratio of elements to get the desired characteristics.


Actually, there are two types of impurities that are physical impurities and chemical impurities. Physical impurities can be removed by various physical activities such as sorting, filtering etc., and chemical impurities can only be removed by chemical reactions or activities. Some final products can have certain level of impurities, whereas others may require almost zero level of impurities in it. Minor impurities in metals and compounds that we are not using or applying to our body can be accepted. But that is not the case when a drug and food item has impurities in it. It may be life threatening if the impurities are hazardous and beyond the prescribed limit. In reality, no compound can be 100% pure and we can only reduce it to an extend that won’t affect its effectiveness or being harmful.


Let us discuss on how we can get rid of such kind of impurities from pharmaceutical industry, and importance of impurity manufacturers.


Get rid of Impurities

To get rid of impurities from drugs prepared in the pharmaceutical industry, a set of processes and chemicals are used, which are called impurities. The steps and chemicals used in the process removes the chemicals to the optimum level so that it brings the desired results. It has options to synthesise, isolate and purify the impurities and make it to the purest form. Most of these standards are capable of testing from milligram to Kilogram quantities and give accurate results. Process the impurities, metabolite and degrade it, are some of the steps involved in this purification process, though not limited to.


Impurity Manufacturers

Considering the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in India, there is a greater need of impurity suppliers. It should be understood that the impurity process and procedures are evolved via experiments over the years. So, a player in the industry for years, only can give you accurate impurity standards. Moreover any further assistance and proper service is another benchmark while choosing the impurity manufacturer.


It is found that in India, there are only few suppliers who provide cutting edge solution in impurity processing. As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, you can refer them via internet or get feedback from others and contact them to know further about their technology and pricing. You would also get chance to raise your queries with impurity manufacturers and get the information. I would request you to refer few manufacturers simultaneously and understand how effective their solution is and then decide on whom to be chosen.