Different Types of Losartan Impurities

There are specific drugs available in the market to address specific diseases or body conditions. Did you ever wonder how it is being manufactured by ensuring the quality? Manufacturing is done by pharmaceutical companies in their labs by using different chemical compounds. These drugs need to have certain limit of quality in it. The quality can be ensured in two steps. First one is by removing unwanted things in the final drug compound and then by testing. If the drug compound has the content of unwanted things or impurities in it, it will not give the result required. We can see how this mechanism is working in a specific drug called Losartan.

Losartan is a group of drugs which helps to control the blood pressure. There are instances found that our blood vessels are narrowing at times. So the drug works in such a way that it prevents such narrowing of blood vessels and helps improving blood flow. This drug is also useful in lowering the risk of stroke with heart disease. The drug is also found to be reducing the kidney damages in long term use. However it is advised not to be used by people who have allergy. Also it is highly advised not to be used by pregnant women. Moreover, it should be advised to take as per doctor’s direction. It is to be noted that it takes almost 3 to 6 weeks of use to make blood pressure back to normal. Drinking alcohol is prohibited due to it may increase the side effects of Losartan. Also avoid intake of Potassium supplements and salt substitutes while taking the drug.

Let us see what are technics used to remove unwanted things from Losartan and what are the major Losartan Impurities?

Technics to Remove Impurities

The formulated steps which are using to remove unwanted things from the drug by pharmaceutical companies are called Impurity standards or simply Impurities. These are technics which includes different sets of procedures including chemical reactions to locate, sediment and remove the unwanted things from the drugs. These procedures are considered to reduce the percentage of impurities to minimum and thus increase the effectiveness of the drug while testing and at the time of use. You can imagine that since the drugs are prepared from different sets of chemical compounds and it is going through various stages of chemical reactions before the final product, each stage brings the possibility of adding unwanted things into the drug. Also be remembered that the raw materials used for preparing the drug may not be 100% pure.

Major Losartan Impurity

As we discussed before Losartan is a group of drugs and different pharmaceutical companies would be preparing from different raw materials. Considering these facts, it needs different varieties of Losartan Impurities to address drug categories. Some of them are Losartan Impurity A, Losartan Impurity B, Losartan Impurity C, Losartan Impurity E, Losartan Impurity F, Losartan Impurity G, Losartan Impurity M/USP – E, Losartan Related Compound B / Impurity J etc.

To understand the product details and price of Losartan Impurities, pharmaceutical companies are advised to check the websites of impurity manufacturers or contact them personally.


How Useful is Quetiapine Impurities in Pharmaceutical Industry?

People need different curing mechanisms to address the diseases, accidents, infection etc. Many of them are depending on Allopathy which is also known as Modern Medicine, whereas some are depending on Homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, traditional medicines etc. All these methods are using different techniques for diagnosis, treatment and cure. The drugs prepared by each of these branches are heterogeneous in nature and you can’t find any similarity among them. The curing rate, time to cure and side effects of the drugs are also different in these different branches of medicine.

If you ask which is the most accepted form of medicine is, the answer is Allopathy or Modern Medicine. The diagnosis and treatment is mostly in scientific way and it does many techniques such as surgery, organ transplant, complex diagnostic methods which other branches fail to do. The drugs prepared by them are mostly from chemical compounds and it is generated by chemical reactions, whereas other branches get the medicines from natural ingredients. Due to this there are side effects for Allopathic medicines. Some of the drugs have severe side effects and can only be used upon doctor’s direction. Even then, it is considered as very popular due to quick and reliable result, easy access, multiple options of diagnosis and treatment etc.

Since the drugs are generated from chemical reactions, there is point of thought about the quality and result. To ensure the quality, pharmaceutical companies are bound to perform testing before launching the product. To ensure that it brings the desired result, they do impurity standard processing before sending it for testing.

Let us see the benefits of impurity standards and what is meant by Quetiapine Impurities?

Impurity Standards

Impurity standards are special procedures which removes unwanted things from the prepared drugs. These are actually chemical compounds and are working with the drugs, detecting, isolating and removing the impurities from it. It is a structural process and it has to be followed in the procedural way. This process makes sure that it removes unwanted particles, which helps the drug to give optimum result. There are firms that are researching to find different impurity standards to address the needs of pharmaceutical companies. Please remember that an impurity standard which is using for one drug, can’t be used for another drug as different sets of compounds and procedures are required for different drugs. Or else, it may bring adverse results.

Quetiapine Impurity Standards

Just to illustrate you on impurity standards, we can discuss about Quetiapine Impurity or Impurity standards. It is a drug which is used for treating Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and also using as anti-depressant. It is estimated that annual sale of the drug is almost 1.3 billion. Due to this high sale, most of the pharmaceutical companies are making the medicine and selling in the market. So, there is an increased requirement for sufficient impurity standards.

There are companies that are providing Quetiapine Impurities in India. They provide different types of Quetiapine Impurities considering the components of the drug. To choose the correct Impurity standards, you can reach out to the manufacturers to get the technical description.